Should I continue with treatment forever?

COEUS treatments can be done as a shock treatment in its first year and then continue with an annual maintenance or perform specific treatments later. When it comes to longevity to get long-term results a at least one year treatment is recommended with a posterior maintenance therapy.

Do I have to attend all the reviews in person?

No, COEUS makes available to you the reviews by video consultation, which are included within your treatment.

What are the results of the treatments?

The combination of our 3 treatments and their personalized design aim to achieve:

  1. Measurable reversal of biological age to help improve health.
  2. Improvement of skin health, consistency, elasticity.
  3. Improvement of the functions of the digestive system.
  4. Optimization of your microbiota.
  5. Improvement of bones, muscles, joints health.
  6. Improved vascularization and perfusion of different organs with all the benefits that greater blood flow entails, improvement of cognitive abilities, physical, sports and sexual performance, as well as improving cardiovascular and liver health.

What is a hyperbaric chamber?

The hyperbaric chamber for COEUS treatments are single-seat continuous ventilation chambers in which pure oxygen is administered at a pressure of up to 3 ATA (absolute atmospheres).

Thanks to their amplitude, the transparent methacrylate cylinder, the entertainment system by screen, the attention and monitoring of the camera operators and all the existing security measures, the COEUS treatment cameras offer their patients the most effective treatment and an extraordinarily pleasant experience, in order to bring more oxygen to their tissues, Reduce inflammation, achieve mobilization of stem cells that can contribute to tissue regeneration.

What is hypoxia therapy?

The administration of hypoxia cycles alternating with intervals of normoxia or hyperoxia (HIT),

will be used in COEUS as a 'retro-aging' treatment focused on reducing inflammation

systemic and the accumulation of senescent cells, associated with accelerated processes of

aging, as well as other cardiovascular, metabolic or cognitive pathologies.

The duration of each session ranges between 30-50', depending on each patient. Before

Start the treatment, a pre-test of tolerance to hypoxia will be performed. All this, will be

controlled and supervised by our medical team.

What is NMN? What is the function?

NMN is the most direct precursor to NAD+, and it is also a natural substance in

All living things, including mammals and various foods. The NMN is

It is found in minute amounts in food, so through its diet it will not be able to

Get enough daily. NAD+, specifically coenzyme I., is one of the

more extensive and important biochemical substances in mammals, participating in

more than half of the metabolic activities, in fact, the activity of sirtuins, which is

responsible for prolonging life and inhibiting aging in mammals,

it also depends on NAD+.

What is a glucometer ?

One of our monitoring systems to help you know your metabolism in depth and easily is the COEUS treatment glucometer, it is a continuous monitoring system, consists of a "sensor" that is placed on the back of the arm that transmits the information to your mobile device and to our experts through an app. It is also called, flash glucose monitoring system and its very name betrays part of its benefits when using it.

What is an Oura ring?

It is one of our most exclusive and elegant monitoring systems during COEUS treatments, it is a technological ring that thanks to its sensors will allow you to know your body and see the changes day by day thanks to COEUS treatments. It is a technological marvel that will allow you to know many data about your heart function, respiratory, temperature, calorie consumption, every morning it will give you a detailed report of your sleep ... all this data is analyzed by our experts in order to personalize your COEUS treatment.

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