The Scientific Foundations of Longevity Science

Surely, after reading all this you will understand your own aging process much better because nobody is going to talk to you about aging as we are going to do from COEUS. This knowledge that we offer you is the result of the expertise and rigor of a team of renowned experts and scientists who are putting at your disposal all their experience and wisdom in the field.

The Scientific Foundations of Longevity Science

Surely, after reading all this you will understand your own aging process much better because nobody is going to talk to you about aging as we are going to do from COEUS. This knowledge that we offer you is the result of the expertise and rigor of a team of renowned experts and scientists who are putting at your disposal all their experience and wisdom in the field.


One of the goals of our treatment is to decrease the number of senescent cells, but why are these cells so harmful?

Senescent cells are defective cells that accumulate in our body. Many years of research on these cells have let us to know that they are responsible for much of the alteration and physical decrepitude that occurs with age. This was confirmed and published in the most prestigious scientific journal, Nature. The good news? In COEUS we are going to offer you three ways to fight and eliminate these senescent cells that are causing daily damage and aging. The accumulation of senescent cells is increased by inflammation, DNA damage, telomere shortening, mutations that predispose to cancer, dysfunction of their metabolism and mitochondria… That is why the number of senescent cells increases in their tissues with aging, but attention, they tend to accumulate in certain areas in patients with chronic diseases and after chemotherapy and radiotherapy treatments. These senescent cells are old, defective cells that work improperly, release inflammatory substances that damage nearby cells, so they are the target of our immune system, which recognizes them as an enemy and tries to eliminate as many as it can. Unfortunately, as we age we accumulate more and more of these cells.

By eliminating senescent cells we reduce systemic inflammation and delay aging to some extent. At COEUS we have the most effective treatment that exists to eliminate senescent cells, a very safe treatment if done by expert hands.

Our medical team will prescribe the dose and number of days of treatment in a personalized way. This part of the treatment has enormous benefits such as:


COEUS offers you a personalized design in order to raise your NAD levels so that they effectively and directly impact your aging

We have talked about “senescence”, that stacking of cells that no longer work and that accumulate in the body and we have presented how from COEUS we treat that first step of aging. These senescent cells cause inflammation and inflammation by various mechanisms, decreases NAD levels. The most advanced techniques combine therapies to eliminate senescent cells and to increase NAD+ levels. Supplements to restore NAD+ levels are generating a lot of excitement among researchers working to extend life span. Increased systemic inflammation consumes more and more NAD+ as we age. Increasing NAD+ levels through supplementation has been shown to have many health benefits, but it is very difficult to increase its useful levels since most supplements are quickly eliminated from the body when consumed. Senescent cells are like small factories that spew poisons that greatly increase inflammation in surrounding cells. Minimizing systemic inflammation by killing these zombie cells will facilitate the restoration of NAD+ levels.

Here’s how NAD levels decline with age. In the graph we can see that it is crucial to maintain its high levels to slow down as much as possible the speed of aging. Taking an NAD supplement is not enough and can be counterproductive or tremendously ineffective if it is not done simultaneously and synergistically with other supplements, at the right time, in the right dosage and with the right duration.

It is a real revolution to be able to offer you this level of customization. This is one of the most complex parts of treatment; raise NAD levels effectively, so that your body is able to use that NAD, in addition to acting on your methylation level.


Without adequate levels of NAD, it is very difficult for other isolated strategies to reverse or slow down your aging process. Our medical team rigorously monitors NAD levels and prescribes the appropriate doses for the indicated time and in optimal combinations. Taking NAD supplements that are not properly prescribed by experts is often a waste of time and money, since much of it is eliminated from the body or the body can not use it properly if it is not prescribed along with combinations of supplements that can vary significantly according to multiple metabolic factors.

Most NAD supplements are digested directly in the stomach, small intestine and rapidly metabolized by the liver. The bioavailability (amount of drug or supplement that our body actually uses) of supplements to increase NAD levels is a real challenge.

At COEUS we not only have the supplements with the highest bioavailability, but we also design for each patient a hyper-personalized strategy based on their metabolism.

The needs of different supplements and strategies are radically different for each patient, which is why our medical team works closely with the scientific team to ensure the efficacy of the treatment. We are experts and pioneers in individualized and personalized supplementation techniques.


Increasing your NAD levels regains the function of your mitochondria and homeostasis to the levels of youth. In this 4D graph, the result of the research of our research director, Marta González Freire, you can see the difference in mitochondria between a young person and an elderly person. Why are mitochondria important? Mitochondria are small organelles within our cells, which are responsible for producing the energy our cells need to properly perform their functions. They are the power plants that allow our cells to function, but they also have other functions of crucial importance such as regulating the metabolism of calcium, which is a messenger that sets in motion many cellular reactions. Having an adequate number of useful mitochondria is critical. The mitochondrial gene is very susceptible to metabolic stress, biological aging and sedentary lifestyle.

Our treatments are designed to maintain a high load of healthy mitochondria operating at full capacity. One of the first effects you will appreciate and that will be possible to measure is the improvement in the performance and strength of your muscles, with the levels of various muscle markers improving to youth levels, although the benefits extend to your entire body.


COEUS puts at your disposal the eleven most exclusive, effective and safe molecules and supplements to reduce inflammation, responsible for aging

This new concept refers to aging caused by persistent and harmful inflammation. The combination of our therapies leads to a lasting reduction of the pro-inflammatory state that causes not only aging but an important predisposition or triggering of cardiovascular diseases, cancer … Our goal is to give you more years in the best conditions of health, strength and well-being.


Have you heard about methylation and aging? Surely they are two concepts that you do not stop hearing about. Trimethylglycine (TMG) is a molecule produced naturally in the body and plays an important role in the methylation process. Proper methylation is vital for healthy aging and the prevention of aging-related conditions. An inefficient methylation cycle can be caused by nutrient deficiencies, genetic mutations, and physical or environmental stressors. Many adults in the U.S. have a common genetic defect called MTHFR that reduces the function of a key enzyme involved in the methylation process.

Aging and methylation problems

DNA methylation is necessary for your genes to function properly. When the methylation process encounters problems, it can result in a variety of health conditions. Studies have shown that methylation decreases considerably as people age. “Recent research efforts provided compelling evidence of genome-wide DNA methylation alterations in aging and age-related diseases.”

Autoimmunity and Altered Methylation

Multiple studies have shown altered patterns of DNA methylation associated with autoimmune diseases.

Mental health and methylation

Research shows a strong correlation between genetic predisposition to anxiety, depression and mood problems and decreased or altered DNA methylation.

Bone Health and Methylation

More and more data show that methylation problems are related to age-related bone conditions, caused by the interaction of many genetic and environmental factors.

“A large body of evidence indicates that reversal of aberrant DNA methylation could be an effective strategy for suppressing disease and promoting longevity.”

Nutrients to support methylation

Supplemental nutrients like TMG may support healthy methylation, which plays an important role in regulating homocysteine levels.


Why homocysteine levels matter

High levels of homocysteine are associated with a wide range of diseases and serious medical conditions. Numerous studies have shown that TMG treatment can reduce plasma homocysteine levels.


Elevated NAM and methylation problems

When taking standard NMN or NR, the compounds are almost completely degraded to NAM (nicotinamide) before reaching tissues beyond the liver. This can become a problem if excessive doses are taken.


In moderate amounts, NAM is beneficial for numerous health conditions. But excessive levels of NAM can be harmful to your health. “High doses of NAM can cause genomic instability, reduce methyl cell stores, and cause insulin resistance through methylated NAM.” Taking sublingual or liposomal NAD+ enhancers offers better protection against digestion to NAM.


TMG restores methylation levels for healthy aging

Methylation imbalances due to aging or high NAM levels can lead to depleted methyl donors. TMG is commonly taken to help restore methylation levels and promote healthy aging.

[Stem Cells and Longevity]

To optimize the regeneration and rejuvenation of tissues, COEUS offers you a unique treatment to get your own stem cells mobilized by going to the tissues where they are needed to repair or strengthen different organs. There are stem cells in our organs that are in a state of inactivity or hibernation, which require large amounts of oxygen to be able to activate and develop their full regenerative potential.


COEUS puts at your disposal a unique and exclusive service thanks to the most advanced technology. We have the first private microbiota bank to preserve your microbiota and be able to rejuvenate it months or years later, with the incredible benefits that this can have for your health. Did you know that the microbiota is known as the link between the digestive system, immunity and the brain? In our digestive system reside an ecosystem of microorganisms that together are known as microbiota and not many years ago it was discovered that the function of this group of bacteria, which triple in number to our cells, is crucial and regulates many aspects related to our health, such as our immune system, our behavior and brain function. Having a microbiota with the right balance is essential.

COEUS offers you an exclusive microbiota bank, in which we store it for up to 10 years. During your treatment we will create the most exclusive way of administering your own microbiota, through a tablet that you can take orally, at the right times according to your tests to produce a rejuvenation and strengthening of your microbiota, with great benefits for your digestive system, immune and brain function

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