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Through treatments designed exclusively for each patient, our scientific team includes novel therapies with exclusive devices and protocols, state-of-the-art drugs and supplements and the discovery of specific habits per person that restore their health and stimulate the resilience of their cells.

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Our treatments and their personalized design aim to:


Knowing your biological age will help you take better care of yourself

The main objective of this study is to identify genes, mainly components of the epigenetic machinery, that can affect the rate of aging in the patient. It can be done independently or integrated into treatments.

Epigenetic Test

We can reveal your real biological age through exclusive tests thanks to the exhaustive analysis of your epigenome, but beyond your biological age, this test will deeply analyze methylations in your epigenome and what is accelerating your aging process, giving us the key to reset your epigenome and to come up with a personalized plan to optimize your health and your aging process. This test is available in our COEUS space or we can do it at home. You will receive a detailed report with the results and a treatment proposal based on the analysis of your epigenome.

Estimated biological age test

Through a blood test we offer you in 72 hours the most approximate estimate of your biological age.

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All the longevity science technology, at your disposal

Lynx is a 12 month treatment of ultra-personalized care with the most advanced aging technology of COEUS, the aim is to reset your epigenome towards to reverse your biological aging-process, to optimize the methylation status of your epigenome and to take you to a healthier path.

The Lynx treatment consists of an ultra-personalized supplement prescription, retroaging therapy sessions with our state-of-the-art equipment, daily monitoring of the most relevant parameters thanks to our personalized monitors, periodic monitoring of your retroaging evolution at all levels, physical training program focused on retroaging benefits and face-to-face or online follow-up consultations with our medical team.

Longevity and health treatments for your inside and outside: the effect of the treatment can be noticed on your inner organs, bones, muscles and skin, among others. The clinical team is responsible for regulating the doses and therapies thanks to the results of the previous COEUS diagnostic tests and the epigenetic age test. Consultations and follow-up analysis ensure that the treatment is carried out in a safe manner and maximizing its potential results.

Lynx is an experience that not only leads to revolutionary healthy longevity but also to an unparalelled understanding of metabolism, organism, health and the aging process.

Lynx includes:


Microbiota, our second brain
More than 70% of our immune system comes from our digestive tract.

COEUS set the first private microbiota bank in Europe, this exclusive and groundbreaking service will be at disposal of our patients to preserve and custody their microbiome, to produce the most personalized probiotic to strenghteh.

It has been discovered that the function of this group of bacteria, which triple in number to our cells, is crucial and regulates many aspects related to our health, such as our immune system, our behavior and brain function. The digestive system is our second brain and the connection between the two is so strong that the state of our microbiota has a direct impact on our mental health and serotonin production.

From COEUS Retroaging we offer you an exclusive treatment based on:

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