COEUS Retroaging is an international company giving access to the most advanced and innovative longevity medicine technology.

We offer exclusive and ultra-personalized treatments with the aim of reversing biological age and maintaining the body in a state of health, youth and strength that allows you to enjoy a long-lasting healthy longevity.

More healthy time.

We reverse the aging process thanks to retroaging technology to keep cells free of age-related diseases (diabetes, arthritis, osteoporosis, cancer, etc.) and to maintain optimal health for longer time.

What if your chronological age wasn’t your actual age?

So far it was impossible to find out the biological age due to the lack of precision of the available tools, but today, from COEUS Retroaging, through our own epigenetic analysis techniques, we are able to determine it accurately and take action on your aging process.


Source: Our World in Data, Macrobond.


Know your global health status by understanding how you age

We prepare an ultra-personalized and comprehensive test that identifies those methylations that can affect your epigenetic aging rate. Exhaustive biological and clinical tests are performed too, to reveal not only your biological age, but your actual state of health.


Rolling back aging

At the forefront of the latest advances in biotechnology and thanks to a qualified and recognized team of researchers and medical professionals, COEUS Retroaging can bring biological aging back by reformulating for the first time in history the concepts of longevity, well-being and vitality in humans.

A tangible and real success that is noticeable inside, and out

The combination of our 4 treatments and their personalized design report reported benefits such as improving the skin, digestive system, microbiota, bones, muscles, joints, vascularization and perfusion of different organs with all the benefits that greater blood flow entails, improvement of cognitive abilities, physical, sports and sexual performance, in addition improving of cardiovascular and liver health.

“Ultra-personalized medicine is the most exclusive way of treatment, so our therapies are designed individually for each patient”

Dra. Cortés Guiral MD PhD FACS ESPSO

Our team of experts have an unparalleled research trajectory in ‘longevity science’ at international and national level.

COEUS Space. Madrid (España).

A unique experience

Our clinic in Madrid has been built on three fundamental pillars: exclusive & transparent care; excellent training and professionalism of our specialists and the latest medical technology.

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